"Bridging professional employment gaps through personalized career services"


Bridges Career Services specializes in Career Planning and Resume Writing Services founded on Human Resources Management and Marketing Principles designed to set you apart. Our goal is to empower job seekers with the knowledge and training that will better position them for more lucrative employment opportunities. Let us help you build a professional Brand that will help you land the job. 

Bridges is made up of Human Resource Consultants, Marketing Professionals, and Resume Writing Professionals that provide personal service to each of our clients at every stage of the job search and career transition process. We also service the local DFW community through the facilitation of Career Workshops  tailored specifically to meet organization Outplacement or Professional Development needs. 

-"In today's digital and electronic age hiring managers and recruiters see your resume before they see or hear you." - Bridges

It is important that your resume is structured to effectively communicate your Personal & Professional Value and establish a marketable Brand attractive to employers. Similar to company product placement strategies, you must also advertise and market your professional brand to managers using professional social media, job boards, other online tools that will increase your digital footprint. An employer will never have the opportunity to understand the Value that you have to offer if your skill are not available for them to see.

-"You are a Product and your resume is a persuasive Advertisement that must successfully Sell your skills to managers and recruiters." - Bridges

Once you understand your professional Value, you can began building your professional brand and identifying what personal and professional goals match your skills. Bridges Career Coaching sessions utilizes personality/job assessments to help our clients identify occupations that match their interest and map out a strategic path to help them maximize their salary potential and reach career goals.

Review our Products and Services today to see how BRIDGES can help BRIDGE your personal or professional goals today.  

Resume Writing Services

We specialize in creating uniquely written professional resumes tailored to fit your skill set without using cookie cutter resume layouts and reused content as our main stream competitors. We tailor our resume templates and skills content specifically for each and every one of our clients unlike many resume writing services that use that same resume designs and content for each occupational category. Our services have proven to set our clients apart and lead them into the interview phase of the job search process. Become the next success story and get the service you need to take your resume and professional brand to the next level.


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